Accounting Software is Easier to Use Than Ever Before

The challenges of financial management can be overwhelming, especially paired with the daily routines of an organisation. Plus, with budgeting, new recruitment isn’t always possible. Fortunately, ERP software takes the stress out of financial and business process management.

While in the past some may have been resistant to moving to cloud technology and online software to manage finances and budget, but security and innovation have ensured that ERP tools function to ensure safe management of funds and reduced costs.

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is a cloud software that helps business manage finances and processes, integrating all aspects of the business into one system. The purpose of ERP is to streamline processes, create better visibility and communication and improve the efficiency of the business. In cases of small-medium business, it may not be possible to budget for a finance/operations team, which means business owners usually get stuck in the admin of the organisation.

With ERP, business owners can free up time, reduce operational costs and focus on investment and revenue opportunities – as well as using their expertise to provide products or services to their customers.

The benefits of accounting software

  • Improve business insight: With your hands in too many pots you might get a bit stuck. Accounting software consolidates everything, which you get clear visibility of every part of the business in front of you – making it easier to explore data insights and new opportunities.
  • Efficiencies: You will reduce the time spent doing admin tasks when moving over to an ERP system that works well. Once you free this up, you can focus on improving operations across different areas of the business.
  • Lower operational costs: With no need to hire more staff, manage funding and resources, and deliver shareholder value, focus on profits can get lost. The costs of ERP add up to significantly less than the costs of new hires, plus the cost of your time and effort – which should be spent focusing on your business.
  • Reduced risk: Manual management can lead to human error, especially if the processes are tedious. With ERP you reduce the risk of silly mistakes making a big impact, and consolidated data doesn’t get lost or forgotten about. Take a risk assessment in your business and see what risks may be removed with ERP. 

What is the easiest accounting software to use?

When you are introduced to new software, you may get caught up in the technicalities and processes of it. This is why our partner platform, Tencia, has been created as a user friendly, intuitive program. Tencia has smooth integration of all other platforms and robust security features that give you peace of mind. The system is also highly customisable, so you can upgrade and update it in a way that suits your needs. Because of these features, Tencia is scalable, so businesses of any size with any goal can maintain the features of their ERP without transferring.

We have introduced Tencia to give small-medium businesses an adaptive and innovative solution to their business, finance and operational problems. We boast one of the leading ERP software systems and are proud to get moving with your business growth.

For more information about Tencia and ERP call 1800 248 265.