You may have heard around business circles the term ERP, or you may already have ERP software set up and what to know whether it’s the most effective option for you. Enterprise Resource Planning acts as an online toolbox and data file to help business owners analyse, plan and process operational and financial parts of their organisation, while also freeing up time to run their business. With the business world turning digital, it’s important to have a firm grasp on how ERP can benefit you.

What is ERP?

ERP works to consolidate all applications, processes and data into the one platform, and offer real-time reports on and management of tasks. It works to streamline processes and create clear visibility to improve collaboration, communication and innovation.

Who uses ERP?

ERP acts almost like an accountant, providing you with all the tools to get the backend things done while you do work at the frontend. However, it’s not always possible for small business to hire an accountant. This is why so many choose to go digital and reduce their costs with a holistic software. It’s not just small businesses though – medium-sized businesses, as well as larger departments can utilise the customisable resources available with ERP and find immense benefits.

How to use ERP to your advantage

ERP is designed to help with planning, strategy and regular supply and distribution of funds. But it works with other applications to create a tailored experience for businesses. With so many areas of business, it’s important to have an eye on all of it – and ERP helps you achieve just that. Do you know what benefits you can get from utilising ERP?

  • Lower management and operational costs: The recruitment process to hire new accounting staff can be a time consuming, and the costs of new staff are sometimes just not possible. ERP takes the load of financial issues, which also cuts down on costs.
  • Reduce risk: Human error can be cause for concern and relying on multiple platforms or physical files can lead to unwanted risks. Online software removes these risks.
  • Improve efficiencies: With visibility of all areas of the business, you can start to develop processes that everyone can follow and quickly see where gaps may exist. Data consolidation also helps assess performance, profits and potential losses.
  • Better collaboration: An integrated platform can make it easier for others to collaborate. With various departments you may find it hard to avoid siloes in the workplace, however, ERP software helps bring every element in to get everyone working together.
  • Higher user adoption rates: If individuals can see the convenience of integrated software, there is a higher inclination to adopt the platform.

User-friendly software for every business

Every business has its own unique set of goals – so naturally, there isn’t a one size fits all solution to financial and operational management. But fortunately, there is a solution that is easily customisable and fully scalable.

Tencia integrates with a variety of applications to help you ease into new processes, and is highly flexible, features optimal security and remote access. Arrow aims to deliver exceptional quality to its clients, offering only the most innovative solutions for business owners. If you are interested in implementing Tencia for your business’ growth, contact Arrow today on 1800 248 265.