Single Touch Payroll – Update April 2018

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Single Touch Payroll – Update April 2018

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Single Touch Payroll lodgement (STP) functionality will be delivered into Arrow Research Corporation’s products throughout the first half of 2018. Following on from the March 2018 Single Touch Payroll update, we are pleased to announce ARC have completed two of the three additional tasks all software providers must undertake with the ATO. We are currently awaiting approval from the ATO security team and, once received, ARC then advance to the final Stage 3 phase of end-to-end testing of live payroll datasets.

Whilst the ATO updated their production environment on April 9th 2018, they have experienced ongoing performance outages and disruptions. Due to this instability the ATO have requested that larger sending service providers, such as OzEDI, postpone interaction with the ATO production environment until after the 26th April 2018.

Based on the current landscape and without any further delays or disruptions ARC anticipate completing the final task end to end testing for Tencia during the week of 30th April 2018, and Arrow Financials the week beginning 14th May 2018.

Upon the successful completion of this final stage updates to both Tencia and Arrow Financials will be released to the market via the ARC business partner channel.

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