New Job Costing Features For Tencia Software

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New Job Costing Features For Tencia Software

Job Costing
The Tencia Job Costing module allows you to effectively measure costs against a project and provides you with up to the minute information on the profitability of your projects. Tencia’s Job Costing feature is currently undergoing controlled testing. Upon completion of this phase the module will progress into controlled release for new sites, followed by foundation site migration.
Some of the new Job Costing features include:
  • Caters for Quick jobs, such as do-and-charge service jobs. A job debtor invoice can be generated via hot print from the job estimate, with associated costs automatically allocated against the job as part of the same process.
  • Extensive staff labour charge and cost matrix available, which includes job code, staff code and activity code for selected customer codes and customer types.
  • Payments tab included in job maintenance to record progress payment schedules.
  • Cost Centre tab included in job maintenance to allow validation of cost centers for job transaction posting.
  • Ability to load a bill of material into a job estimate.
  • A new system parameter to restrict the posting of transactions to jobs with a hold or completed status.
  • A job can be linked to the productionmanufacture of a specific stock code and, once finalised, a completed stock receipt is entered to record the stock movement.
  • Job debtor invoices can be generated using the frequency code and next due date for the job invoice, catering for service maintenance or recurring jobs.

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