Bunnings Integration With Tencia

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Bunnings Integration With Tencia

Bunnings integration with Tencia

Avoid unnecessary additional charges to external EDI service providers. Find out how…

Arrow Research Corporation is working in conjunction with Bunnings Warehouse, Australia’s largest hardware chain store with stores in Australia and New Zealand, to create a direct integration between Bunnings and the Tencia Accounting solution. This integration allows for documents to be exchanged directly with Bunnings via industry standard GS1 XML.

The GS1 system is a set of global supply chain standards and can be used to perform a variety of transactions including things like:

  • Sending messages to order goods and respond to an order;
  • Sending messages to announce the despatch of goods and confirm their receipt or
  • Messages requesting payment for the goods sold and informing about the payment being sent.

This means that for a Tencia site that is a trading partner with Bunnings, it can exchange documents directly with Bunnings via industry standard GS1 XML, by providing the data in this format, the Tencia site can feed sales orders directly into Tencia and in response, download debtor invoices to be sent to Bunnings. This ensures that all relevant information is successfully transmitted and received. This eliminates the need to pay unnecessary additional charges to an external EDI service provider, saving both time and money, and expedites the data exchange process.

Contact your business partner for more information if you are interested in the Bunnings EDI or call us on Freecall 1800 248 264 to arrange a free demonstration.

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