Arrow Unveils Tencia And Drives The Partner Channel

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Arrow Unveils Tencia And Drives The Partner Channel

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Arrow annouces the offical launch of Tencia in the New Zealand Market place and signs new partnership agreement with Auckland based Verde group.

Arrow will officially launch their Accounting software solution ‘Tencia’ to the New Zealand market on the 1st of November 2011. The release of Tencia has also driven the growth and expansion of the Arrow partner reseller channel in New Zealand.

Arrow’s International Business Development Manager, Mr Lawrence Hughes, has lead the expansion of the Arrow Partner network into international markets by building strategic partnerships and developing the Arrow partner ecosystem across the ANZ region. Most recently, a joint distribution agreement was signed with the Verde Group, an Auckland based software consultancy firm specialising in Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) and business management solutions. Verde has operated in New Zealand since 2002 and their strong knowledge of the local market, highly talented technical team and ERP specialisation make them an ideal partner choice.

Arrow has a long-standing history in New Zealand since commencing operations in 1999, and has hundreds of clients throughout Auckland and Wellington and a number of regional centres. “Forming these sorts of partnerships and alliances are a fundamental part of our success.” Said Mr Hughes. “We have a deep understanding of the needs of the New Zealand market due to our 12 year history in NZ and over 22 years’ experience in the software industry, and it’s easy to see why partnering with local specialists like the Verde Group makes sense for both parties. It’s another avenue to grow our business and we are looking forward to further enriching the partnership in future and providing first class business solutions to our New Zealand customers.”

Tencia’s technology offers new opportunities for vertical integration and greater prospects for connectable applications to evolve. Tencia is built utilising the highly flexible Microsoft .NET framework which gives third party developers and web developers the power to use Tencia as an integration platform to build and create connectable end to end applications leading to lower cost deployments and better information sharing across a business.

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