Arrow Expands Its Global Network In The APAC

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Arrow Expands Its Global Network In The APAC

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Arrow Research Corporation announces its first Tencia site in Indonesia.

Earlier this month, Indonesian motorcycle helmet giant Tarakusuma Indah, a manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of standard and off road motorcycle helmets commanding 60% of the Indonesian market was the first Indonesian client to implement Tencia.

“With in excess of 40 million motorcycles, making up 75% of the total population of vehicles in Indonesia, this is a very exciting opportunity for us,” stated the Arrow business partner who was pivotal in the sale and implementation of Tencia to the Tarakusuma site.

“We are delighted at the prospect of providing a high quality, flexible ERP solution to Tarakusuma and are confident that we will continue our geographic expansion into Indonesia,” said Arrow’s International Manager, Lawrence Hughes.

Arrow are looking forward to providing high quality software solutions and international expertise to clients in this growth market. With the next implementation of Tencia already scheduled and expected to take place in July 2012. “Our next implementation will be for the Jakarta based cable television service provider ‘Nexmedia’ which boasts a customer base of over 10,000 subscribers,” stated Mr Hughes.

“This is an important milestone in establishing the Arrow brand in the Indonesian market place. It is a tremendous opportunity for Arrow to expand its global footprint and to strengthen its competitiveness across the world’s fourth most populous nation after the United States,” said David Millward, Arrow’s Managing Director.

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